offers high-quality professional translation and interpretation services to individuals and businesses of all kinds.

Our office is a full member of the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Athens and it is no coincidence that it enjoys the trust of both the Greek and the rest of the European market.

At ''GLOSSES'', we focus on delivering fast and accurate language translation and interpretation services, brought to you by accredited professionals, with years of experience on the field. We understand the importance of quality and reliability and both are at the forefront of our services.

What makes us different is our understanding of your business needs, our commitment to your project, our sensitivity to cultural differences and our "can-do" approach that sets us apart from other translation companies.

Our human resources department is made up of accredited professionals, both in interpretation and translation services.     Our years of experience have made it possible for us to work with some of the most talented and highly skilled professional translators.  Our professionally vetted linguists consistently convey perfectly your message in a locally and culturally appropriate manner for your audience.

We are at your disposal for not only timely but also quality delivery of projects.

Our inviolable professional principle is the use of translators who render texts solely into their mother tongue while, of course, they are well aware of the source language too.

As for our interpreters, they all work according to the principles of the AIIC Code of Conduct. As we always strive for excellence, we apply quality control procedures that ensure conditions that allow our interpreters to perform their best.

Our high standards and our long experience within the European market is yet another guarantee of the quality of our work.

We work with the best. Our main goal is your success!


Albanian, Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Hebrew, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Finnish and more...